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"Do you believe that harrys on coachella right now?" by hollatzayn

Not sure. Why would he wear that golf shirt if he’s going to Coachella. But who knows x

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At 10pm GMT/5 EST watch the You & I music video at least 3 times!

The more you watch, the more views it gets, and the closer we are to beating the VEVO record!

*For the people that keep saying the record doesn’t mean anything, well, even if they don’t get an award or money or anything, it’s…

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I’m almost all caught up in my school work. I’ll be active again either tonight/early tomorrow morning. Thank you all for being so understanding! :) -Crystal x

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"Do you know who's going to be the cast of the after fanfic in the movie? And I don't think everyone can watch it pretty sure the movie is 18+ because there's a lot of sex scenes there." by Anonymous

I’m not really sure tbh. You can ask the author or visit her twitter :) x

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"The concept is they'll change though the years but they'll always them.. Lol that's what I got from it" by Anonymous

I feel as if the video could’ve been better but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the video :) -Crystal x

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"Hi where do I go to find fanfic to read? Like what web sit and can I dowloude them so I could read with out wifi. Also is there a way to read them on a nook? Sorry there's so many question" by Anonymous

I read fics here. If I want to save it I tap download > PDF > Open in IBOOKS. You can also try wattpad you can read there without wifi but make sure you save it to your library. -L x

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"How were the fanfics last night? Anything you liked?" by Anonymous

I only read 2 fics last night :-/ I fell asleep. But they’re so gooooood! x

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girls next time?
girls next time?
"What month will the WWA tour end? Xx" by Anonymous

October x

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